Remembering Priscilla McGruder

Remembering Priscilla McGruder

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The stories / posts you read below are submitted by fans of the McGruders to this website. If you've been influenced in any way by the life of Priscilla McGruder, we would love to have you tell us about it. Your story / submission will be posted here just like the rest of these . Please take a few minutes and share your story with other McGruder fans stopping by.

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For The Fans of "the Lady"

At last check, there are over 1000 fans of "The Lady" that are filtering through this site. That gives me great pleasure as the moderator of this site. But I discovered something recently that gives me even greater pleasure to share with the readers that stop by. On a recent stop by the McGruder's home church website, I realized that a Memorial video is currently available for purchase. The website to order it can be found HERE!

For a little bit of general info, this memorial includes performances of the songs:
- "Since He Gave My Life A New Start"
- "Special"
- "See Those Clouds"
- "The Dearest Friend"
- "I'm Going Home With Jesus"
- "Bloodbought"
- "It's Not Over 'Til It's Over"
- "From Heaven's Point of View"
- "To Me He's Become Everything"

What a top notch lineup of some of her signature songs!! The donation price is $25 and $5 for shipping.

If you have already purchased this, I'd love for you to share your thoughts and comments on what you think of it!

"Influenced" - by John Lanier

Not too long ago, I received an email from a very kind Southern Gospel artist named John Lanier, ( probably most well known for singing with Tony Gore and Majesty. At the beginning of this journey of creating this site in memory of Priscilla, I linked at the bottom of the site, a tribute written by Mr. Lanier. In his email, he gave me permission to publish the tribute he wrote about how influenced he was by the life of Priscilla McGruder. From his writings, I think it would be safe to say that Mr. Lanier was one of her biggest fans. So, the following is his written tribute regarding Priscilla's influence in life. It's so well written, I'm very happy to get to share it with the rest of the fans of "The Lady" who frequent this site........ENJOY......

Gospel music has lost many beloved figures during my ministerial career. I will never forget how I felt when Vestal Goodman passed away, and I grieved the tragic death of Dottie Rambo for weeks. But I cannot begin to describe the emptiness I felt when I got word that Priscilla McGruder had left this world.

Each of these people, in one way or another, were positive influences in my life. Some helped shape the ministry I have today, and some even became precious friends. I have been greatly blessed to have known many who are considered legends and icons. More importantly, they were great mentors and deeply respected spiritual leaders. Such is the case with Priscilla McGruder.

It's not that I love or esteem one man or woman of God over the other. But Priscilla McGruder walked boldly and passionately to fulfill the call of God on her life to the fullest potential, selflessly willing to pay the price for the powerful anointing God placed on her without fear or compromise - and it was evident. I mean no offense to any other minister of the gospel, but the truth is - there are very few in the ministry today that are willing to walk in the crucified way as did Sister McGruder.

The impact of her passing was devastating to me. Yes, this one was very personal. Weeks after the news of her passing, I still weep when I think that such a true soldier has left us. There was no one else like her. Since her homegoing day, I have pulled out all of my McGruders CDs and DVDs and have worshipped with her over and over and over again.

The following is a memorial tribute to Sister McGruder that I wrote for the upcoming July issue of Chrstian Voice Magazine. If you are one that was blessed by her music or touched in any way by her ministry, please share your comments below.

The Lady And Her Lord
Priscilla McGruder finally meets the love of her life, face to face

By John Lanier

Priscilla McGruder and her husband of 34 years, Carroll McGruder, played a vital role in putting First United Pentecostal Church of Kennett, Missouri on the map. As a team of songwriters and performers, songs like I'm Going Home With Jesus, Saved By Grace, I've Just Started Living, Thanks, I Lean On You Lord, Most Of All and many others led them to the forefront of Gospel music.

The evangelistic music ministry of The McGruders was formed nearly 30 years ago, founded in faith, fashioned by anointing and fueled by spiritual fire. Unarguably, however, it was the voice and presence of Priscilla McGruder that propelled the family ministry to national prominence.

To those who encountered her, Priscilla was highly esteemed as "one of the most anointed singers in Christian music." Whether she was preaching, singing or testifying of God's faithfulness, she delivered her message pure and simple, with the fingerprint of the Holy Spirit all over it.

It wasn't uncommon for her to walk the aisles during a concert or a worship service, ministering to those in the audience, trembling with the reverential fear of God. While her approach was gentle and graceful, the power of God that flowed through her shook the very gates of hell and built bridges leading straight to Calvary.

Her life of prayer and commitment to God was clearly evident as she reached out with undeniable power and anointing from on high. Testimonies from around the world indicate that thousands upon thousands of people consider themselves blessed to have been touched by Jesus through the life and ministry of Priscilla McGruder.

Sister McGruder was diagnosed with cancer once again, years after surviving a previous battle with the life-threatening disease. Yet, throughout both battles, her faith and commitment never wavered. She was known for her positive attitude, her passion and ministry, despite the challenges associated with her sickness. Throughout her entire ministerial career, and in the wake of her battles with cancer, people all over the world who knew her followed her journeys and shared their love and appreciation for her selfless labors.

As a devoted wife, mother and grandmother, she dearly loved and cherished her family. As a minister, she reached out with great compassion to those who were lost and hurting. As a Christian music artist, she genuinely loved and appreciated her extended family of loyal, prayerful supporters.

But, most of all, she loved her Lord Jesus Christ. Her life was dedicated to serving Him and she longed for the day she would meet the love of her life, face to face. Finally, on April 29, 2010, as the windows of Heaven opened, Priscilla McGruder accepted her invitation to come home. At the age of 61, she escaped this life with her family and closest friends at her bedside rejoicing with her. Praying in the Spirit, the last words she ever spoke on this earth could not be understood by those surrounding her, but those Heavenly words are forever recorded in the realms of glory.

The beloved Priscilla McGruder was one of the most effective ministers of our lifetime. Some admired her for her talents, for no one could deliver a song quite like she could. Some even desired a portion of her anointing, and others wished for her power in prayer and dedication to touch them.

Whether in singing or preaching; her powerful voice would wake up the "callings which are without repentance" inside us. She has been acclaimed, acknowledged, awarded, appreciated, and best of all, elevated to a level of acceptance experienced by very few.

We will miss her presence, but her legacy of faith is forever imprinted upon our hearts. We shall never forget the impact Sister Priscilla McGruder made upon us all

I Can Go to the Master

Last night during our Sunday night service I was taken back in time to a few memories that I have in my mind. A couple that I have grown up around surprisingly showed up at our service and the lady was asked to sing. (I didn't ask permission to publish her name, so I won't put her name out on the internet) Much to my surprise and delight, she began the lines....."When there's no place to go, and you think no one knows what you're going through.....when you've done all you can, and you're exhausted my friend.....and there's nothing else left you can do.....when life overwhelms you, or someone betrays you, you feel like nobody cares.....There's still one place I know, when there's NO place to go.....I can go to the Master in prayer!"

Had I not known what an anointed and powerful singer this particular lady was, I would probably have begun to get a little panicky about someone damaging the sacredness of this particular song in my "world." However, I was not disappointed in the least. She began to sing these lyrics with THE power that I recall from "The Lady" and once again I was taken back to the time where these words became so real to me, individually.

I can recall driving back and forth home from a University hospital down south where I pulled the night shift as a nurse on the Pediatric oncology floor. I'd slide in the "Come Fly" CD listening to Priscilla sing"....when pain won't release me and there's no peace within me and I'm feeling like life isn't fair......when I've turned and I've tossed and my night's sleep is lost......I can go to the Master in prayer." I could feel the tears begin to threaten me as I listened to these lyrics. This was where my struggle was.

I spent many nights sitting on the bedside of critically ill children, attempting to console them in their pain and stroking their heads, pleading with God to allow them some peace in the night. I must be honest, more than once I wrestled with God over the feeling that life wasn't fair. Somehow, even through the emotions I would sometimes reel from dealing with these children, this song always gave me peace. I took great comfort each time I listened to it.

Needless to say, those memories were from a decade ago. Now, there are different issues to deal with - since there's been lots of changes in the past decade. There are still events that attempt to steal my sleep, but this song still offers peace to me. Last night, listening to it all over again, reminded me how special this song really is. And it truly is ageless. The situations of which it speaks, never change. Every person, regardless of their status in life, experience most of the details of which the song speaks.....yet through it all, the Master always has "time for you, and place for me, too" What a privilege - the ability to "go to the Master."

On a side note: If you'll look down the photos on the right side bar, there is a picture of Priscilla with her arm outstretched - she's wearing the hot pink outfit. She's actually singing "I Can Go to the Master" in this picture. She's on the line, "when I've turned and I've tossed..."

Leaving a Legacy

At times I run across comments that are left under posts that I fear might not be read with quick scans down the site. And sometimes they include messages that are too good and kind to be missed. On occasions, I slip them into the spotlight so that the kind words aren't missed by all who pass through here. This post is a great example. It was a comment left by Weldon on a post a little further down called, "The Key To Success." Thank you, Weldon.

I learned of Priscilla's earthly death earlier this month and was floored. I had not known her cancer had returned.

While she may not have gained many earthly possessions, she did gain the one thing I believe she truly wanted and the one thing she saw as the only worthwhile earthly goal, an eternity with Jesus Christ. And I truly believe that because of her ministry, many other people, who otherwise would not have been able to, will also get to see Jesus face to face. What a testimonial l-e-g-a-c-y to leave behind!

Heaven is now definitely sounding sweeter all the time. Vestal and Howard Goodman, Priscilla McGruder, Rusty, Wendy Bagwell. I can just hear the Heavenly choir rocking with good ole gospel music.

Thank you Bro. Carroll for helping Ms. Priscilla to win souls and influence people who might otherwise never have been touched by GRACE: God's Riches At Christ's Expense

"Special" lyrics

There have been some requests for the lyrics to the song "Special," which Priscilla sang so well. This song was also included as part of her "Homegoing celebration."

The Glory, the Honor, the Majesty on High
Is so very special - can't be seen by mortal eye.
For eye's not seen, and ear's not heard what Jesus has prepared.
Something very special is waiting over there.

For God has gone to prepare a very special place.
One where sin cannot abound and It's never known disgrace.
Jasper walls and gates of pearl - shining 'round the throne.
We call it special, the special call it Home.

A land of milk and honey, transparent golden streets;
A special land that can't be walked by ordinary feet.
No more nights to hinder - just rejoicing 'round the throne.
A special robe upon my back, we'll sing a special song.

Leading by Example

There's a story about the McGruders that has always intrigued me. Maybe it's been more intriguing being that I loved them as much as I did, but I think it would have intrigued me even if I had not been the fan that I was / am. Priscilla speaks of it in her book - and I'll leave out most of the details that are given in a dedicated chapter to this topic, just so maybe it'll peak your interest enough to purchase it. And you can find it HERE!

Before I get to the topic, let me say, I was fortunate enough to get to watch some of Priscilla's funeral online before the site crashed and was able to hear what Bro. Nathaniel Wilson had to say regarding Bro. McGruder's care of her during the last phase of her life. Bro. Wilson mentioned (and I paraphrase) that Carroll McGruder had set a very high bar for others to follow in his care of Priscilla - one that most men would be unable to live up to - to make sure she was as comfortable as possible in her last weeks. As a former Hospice nurse myself, I understand very well the level of care that is required during this phase of life and it is very hard work that takes more perseverance than what many family members - especially husbands - can mentally or physically give. That is not saying that husbands cannot do this job well, but those men are not found very frequently. Sometimes the emotion of the life changes are so overwhelming, it is very hard and sometimes impossible, to find the strength to do what must be done. Hearing these comments from Bro. Wilson, I had no doubt what he meant by it. And after hearing this, though I needed no convincing, Bro. McGruder's character went up a several notches in my "book".

The reason this detail I just referred to is important, is because the topic that has always intrigued me about the McGruders is their marriage. They have always appeared to work well as a team and their affection towards one another was always obvious. If you ask him, he was her biggest fan. I always paid special attention to this because I was always captivated by the fact they had known each other for such a short period of time before saying "I do." Again, the specifics can be found in the book - in the chapter called "It's Too Good To Be True." But by a short period of time, we're talking less than 3-4 weeks of knowing each other. While I'm completely taken by this piece of information, and wouldn't necessarily recommend it to most single people I know, they were convinced they were God's intended for each other, and made it work. In addition to making this marriage work, there were two young children which Priscilla immediately became the mother of. She also speaks of their bond and her love for them.

Therefore, I have always been amazed at how awesome a responsibility she assumed and how confident they both were in knowing God's will and regardless of how tough it might or may not have been, they made it work. It would definitely be safe to say, they were tremendous leaders on this subject because of their example....all you had to do was take notice. It's almost a plague these days the way Christian marriages are crumbling in the church world. If we are looking for role models in a Christian marriage, here's a good place to start. A commitment was a commitment - regardless of the circumstances, and they definitely had some circumstances.

I'm grateful I had the opportunity to watch such a couple lead by example - showing us all what a great marriage looks like.

"Who's Gonna Stand For Jesus?"

Back in 1992, the McGruders released an album called "Livin' the Good Life." The first song on the album was called, "Who's Gonna Stand For Jesus" I can recall Bro. McGruder's introduction to this song on multiple occasions and his reference to the moral decline of our nation. He would, at times, reference recent events that had made the news making the decline more evident. Then they would sing this song.

The first time I ever heard Priscilla sing this song in concert, as soon as she sang the line of the chorus, "Who's gonna stand for Jesus in our day?" she raised her hand and said, "I will."

This memory was jolted yesterday as someone calling in to a talk radio station made reference once again to the moral decline which I heard Bro. McGruder reference, and Priscilla sing of, more than once. The caller made the statement, "Look how far we've declined in the last 30 years - what's next?"

It was 15 years ago when Bro. McGruder was referring to the poor moral condition of our country - and here we are 15 years later - in much worse shape now than then.

To my knowledge, I have yet to meet anyone who knew Priscilla McGruder who doubted where she stood! She lived what she sang.....and sang what she lived! This particular song offered a great challenge to each of us as Christians, and needs to be very applicable to our lives at such times as these. Just to refresh your memory, it went a little like this....

"We need to take our stand no matter come what may.
Preserve those Christian values in spite of all the world may say.
Christian soldiers, I'm enlisting - in this world I am resisting
Come on, let's stand for Jesus in our day."

I, for one, am ready and willing to carry on her legacy of maintaining the banner of Jesus Christ!

"Most of All" - from a Fan in Ohio

Years ago I remember seeing the McGruders in a church in Southern Ohio. That night as they sang the song "Most of All," Sis. McGruder came off the platform and began to shake hands and pray with people. I can still remember the presence of the Lord that came over the entire audience. Everyone seemed to get blessed.

That was several years ago. That night made a huge impression on me, but the thing I remember most, was the conviction she sang that song with that night. I was completely convinced when I walked out those doors that night, that nothing meant more to Sis. McGruder than the day she would finally meet Jesus face to face. She sang with that much passion, that left no doubts in my mind.

I thought of her singing that song the day I learned she had died. Every time I think of her, I can still hear her singing that night, "Most of All, I want to look upon the Master, and sing praises, when at last the battle's won. I want to know I've run the race, hear Jesus say I've kept the faith. But most of all, I want to hear him say, "Well Done."

Photo Page

There is a new page to the right under "Pages" links called the "Photo Page." This is new and consists of many of the photos already included in the structure of the page, on previous posts, and a few newer ones. Any new photos submitted to the site, will be placed in the post with which it came and on the photo page. If you have fan photos, we'd love to have you share those.

"None Better!" by Wes Hanson

I just found out today about Sister McGruder's passing. How can you explain that a person with whom you had no personal relationship could elicit such a powerful emotional response at hearing this news? And yet there must be thousands upon thousands of people like me. She did not know our names, but we felt as if we knew her, and she was our hero! She left it all on the stage, whether it was the concert stage or the stage of life. She did not hold back, with undeniable boldness and conviction declaring the love, grace and power of Jesus Christ and the true gospel!

There have been times when I felt low and weak. There have been times when I felt unable to pray. I had only to turn on the music, and Priscilla and The McGruders were there to usher in the presence of God and help renew my worship and my confidence. If, when my life is over, I can say as she sang, "I've been tempted and I've been tested. My progress seemed arrested. But I can truly say God has never let me down! In the battle I've retreated, but I've never been defeated!" then I will know I have won!

There will never - could never - be another Priscilla McGruder in this life. She was THE master of her craft, although she would quickly testify it was only through her obedience and closeness to the Master Himself. She will be missed, and yet her gifted and anointed ministry will live on as we continue to turn for inspiration and encouragement to the recordings of the McGruders.

What a singer! What an anointing! What a life! What an example! When the final celebration begins, I would not at all be surprised to see Priscilla leading Heaven's choir and the countless throng of the redeemed in that "new song" of worship. None could do it better!

Wes Hanson
Glenn Heights, TX
Dallas First Church

Quote of the Day

Eric Hinson and Hinson Revival recently sang in Buffalo, MO. During the concert, he paid tribute to Priscilla McGruder before singing "Hallelujah Meeting."

As he spoke of her, he replied, "Let me tell you something, if that woman didn't make it, trust me, we're in trouble!"

Waycross Memories

Some stories are too good to keep in the comment section and risk that you might not get to read them! This is such a story.... (it was submitted by my brother-in-law, Gregg)

I have several "favorites" as well when it comes to "experiencing" the music...let me tell you of one such "experience"...

It was probably early 90s in Waycross, GA when they really had "all-nite" sings. Me, my brother (your husband) and a friend that shall remain nameless decided to walk across the four lane that ran by the stadium while one of our "not so favorite" groups sang and get a waffle. The McGruders were not supposed to be on until later in the program and if truth be known that was the main reason for us coming. We made our way over and was almost finished with our culinary delight when the door swung open and someone screamed "THE MCGRUDERS ARE ON!!!!" Without our permission or knowledge they had switched the program up and we had missed the McGruders, or almost! We heard the electric guitar through the night air, kick off that unmistakable lick for "Warmin Up" and we tore out of Waffle House, throwing our money on the counter in our haste leaving a bewildered, heavily tipped waitress standing there.

We crossed four lanes of traffic ( I would say "dodged" four lanes, but we never looked, I guess either the cars or God (probably both) were looking out for us)...We ran through the back gate and up to the bottom of the stage just as Carroll screamed..."God Bless You" "Good Night"...or something like that...

But alas, as was always the case, the crowd screamed and screamed until the did an encore or two and left us in a tizzy...

I will always remember that concert and that moment. The thing that people can't put into words about the McGruders has to do with them believing every word they sang. No one ever questioned whether it was "ministry" or "entertainment". It was both. It was entertaining to watch them minister and a blessing to your soul at the same time. I wish we had more like them.

As far as Priscilla goes. She was the one that brought class and validity to what they sang and stood for. One look at her sing one verse and you knew she believed and lived what she sang. Carroll of course did the same but something about her made you realize they were the real deal.

Wish she was still here...

The Key to Success

It was mentioned earlier how the McGruders were always placed in a different class than many artists because of the energy and anointing that followed them onto the stage.

In her book, "I've Just Started Living," Priscilla McGruder addresses something that holds the key to the influence they had. In the chapter "Let The Music Begin" she says this: "When we first began traveling and singing, I made a serious promise to God. 'Lord, I will never sing in front of an audience anywhere until I have prayed at least one hour. I also promise you that whenever I sing, regardless of who I am singing to, I will always worship you with all my heart.' By God's grace, I have always kept those two promises."

It was obvious the minute the McGruders stepped onto the stage, that there had been "prayer meeting" before she opened her mouth to sing.

The first time I read this in her book, I was reminded of an event at a concert our family attended many years ago. It was a concert consisting of several of the leading groups in the Southern Gospel industry and the McGruders. After arriving a little early, having driven approximately 3 hours to attend, we walked down the hall of the auditorium to find a snack and soda. When we rounded the corner, much to our surprise, off in the corner of the little room was one of the artist from another group on the schedule that night. I will not allow details to escape me, but for the record, that artist is no longer traveling, but at the time sang with one of Southern Gospel's finest groups - and continues to be the finest.

After we had walked in, we realized that the artist was using one of the pay phones there. Attempting to escape as quietly and quickly as we had entered to keep from disturbing them, we were completely blown away as this artist began to rail a string of expletives to whomever they were frustrated with on the other end of the line. It made the situation a little worse to hear such vile language coming from the mouth of a female.

Suffice it to say, I knew where this particular singer was the hour before the concert......and that's all I could think of every time she began began belting out her awesome notes. And I will not deny that she could flat sing, but it just didn't even sound good after that.

On the other hand, when "the Lady" (in every sense of the word) walked out on the stage, I knew where she'd been....although I wasn't there to see it. Want to guess who sang the glory down that night?

I'll just say, it wasn't the one at the phone booth!

Do You Have a Favorite?

In studying different Southern Gospel blogs and writers - there has been plenty to say about McGruder music. It's almost humorous at times to read some of the attempts to describe the music that was given to us by the McGruders. They didn't fit the mold of any other group that had ever hit the stage, and truthfully, allowed some people to enter realms of spirituality that they either had never experienced or never knew it existed. I have found myself smiling more than once at the attempts of explanations given to the "McGruder style." Of course there's usually always the mention of the talents of the unbelievably awesome band during their live recordings.

Instead of attempting to understand the music, it is much better to experience the music. There have been multiple occasions in life's battles, that the gift of a song has offered strength and began the march to victory. For my own experiences, most of those songs have involved the voice of Priscilla McGruder. As much as I love some of their most famous songs, such as "Going Home with Jesus," "Warmin' Up," "Saved by Grace," "Way too Close," "To Me He's Become Everything"......and the list goes on and on, I have a list of personal favorites that have ministered to me and have become "my song" in the wee hours of the morning when peace wanted to evade me.

Even with the talk about all of the great songs listed above, there are many songs that are on my list of personal favorites and I feel sure are on the list of other fans as favorites. The songs that cross my mind along this line are, "Most of All," "From Heaven's Point of View," "Stand on the Word," "We Have a Savior," "One Prayer Away," "Jesus Please Touch Me Again," "Vessel of Honor," "His Grace is Sufficient," "My Faith Stands Firm," "Devil, You Can't Have my Faith," "Since He Gave My Life a New Start," "Heaven Too," "Change Me Lord," "Under the Blood, You'll Get Over the Storm," "The Finish Line,""The Lamb is No Stanger," "I've Made Up My Mind," "A Great Homecoming," "God's Word Cannot Fail," "Grace For the Race," "Certain Feeling," and I could go on and on. And I still haven't covered all of my favorites.......

So with that being said, I'd like to open this particular post up to figuring out what your favorite song is. If you'll click below on the "comment" link, it will easily let you type in the song that you love. If you've never heard some of the songs listed, you may also comment on that and I'll let you know which album you can find it on.

New Changes

In case you've been to the site before, I wanted to make you aware of a change that's been made. If you've not visited before, you'll benefit from this post as well.

All the videos that were previously posted from "Come Fly with the McGruders" and "In Motion," are now on site "pages" instead of "posts" - although they can still be found at the original place there were posted. But to make it easier, and to have instant access, there is a link to the videos in the top right hand corner of the home page under the title "pages." From there, you can click and go to any of the videos you desire to see.

Making Progress

The idea of this blog became reality a little over a week ago on Friday. It was a brand new website with very little communication/ publicity going on, a few pictures, a couple short tributes, and huge hopes of success. My first surprise and first confirmation that this "project" might actually become successful came in the form of the first email from a fan named John Hartley. I was ever so pleased to open the email account linked to this blog and find his story and his family's photo with the McGruders waiting to be posted on this site.

He was the first fan to post his memories of Sis. McGruder and helped kick off this project to a great start. Today I was informed that we had made it to 200 visitors in the past week. In my mind, that is an awesome start to this project that is barely a week old. That allows me to know that progress is definitely being made.

So, please pass the word along of the site to your friends and people you know who love the McGruders. I'm hoping that before long, your memories of Sis. McGruder will begin to overflow the email account. My great desire is to see this thing blossom with expressions of gratitude for the McGruders. The address is right below the picture at the top of the page ( Please take a few minutes and add your story to the list of those who are paying tribute to such a wonderful lady!

According to the map that shows me where all the hits to the site are coming from, they are coming from Arizona, many places in Missouri (including Kennett), Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Maine, Canada, Ohio, Virginia, Texas, Wyoming, England, and many other places that I can't remember. I know the fans are out there and are spending time here if I could encourage you to get brave enough to get involved and make this site even more enjoyable to visit!

If you also have questions about how to post a comment on any of the posts, you may also use the same email address. Any kind of correspondence is welcome there.

And, thank you so much for stopping by!

From Heaven's Point of View

This is a video that I ran across on John Lanier's blog. After seeing it, and obviously loving it, I tried desperately to find where it came from. I finally discovered it came from a site called

I've known it was on the internet since the beginning of this blog, but I wanted to make sure that I had a decent amount of traffic through the website before I posted it. For me it was kinda like a bit of a gem that I wanted to save and give as a gift to those who were truly interested in visiting the site. It truly captivates the spirit of what attending a service with her in it was like in the latter years of their ministry better than many of the videos available anywhere else.

I know very little about this video except the first name of the person who posted it and the site where I discovered it. It's had less than 500 views on that particular site as opposed to the countless views of the ones on YouTube. I have no clue as to what church it was recorded in or any other details. If you're aware of any of that information, please share it with me. I hope it blesses you as much as it has the ones that I have shared it with thus far.

This is one of her greatest Signature songs. It's kinda like saving the best for last! Today the site has reported more traffic to me than any day it's been available yet, so I decided to go ahead and post it.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Additional note: It has come to my attention, that this video plays as soon as the page is opened - regardless of whether it is clicked to play. If you will look at the top right hand corner of the page, you will see a link to this video or you can click here and it will take you to the video. It will open in another window and can be played at your request. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Finally At Home

It's routine that every time we crawl in the car, my little 3 year old girl has a request to hear music. As she's buckling her seat belt to her car seat, I hear these words from the back - "Mommy, can you turn on "Goin' Home with Jesus." Of course, I'm always eager to grant such a request! She knows where the words begin and comes right in belting out, "I'M GOIN' HOME WITH JESUS IN THE TWINKLIN' OF AN EYE....." Every time, as loud as she can possibly sing it. I sit in the front seat smiling, sometimes laughing, because she is so "into" that song. Sometimes she gets so excited, I can look in the rearview mirror and see her with her hands raised and that little head swaying from side to side. Last Sunday on the way home from church, she shouted her little bow right out of her hair to it. It always amuses me how much she loves that song.

Last night, we got in the car to come home from somewhere and once again I heard that little request. I started playing it, and heard nothing come from the back seat as "the boys" (as she calls them) started singing. After a little bit into the song, I turned on the light to make sure she was ok back there. She had this look that kinda said something was on her mind. I didn't say anything...just waited. A few seconds later, I heard this little voice from the back. "Mommy, she sure is shoutin' - happy on this song." I laughed and said, "Yep she is." It was quiet for just a second more, and I heard the little voice again. "Mommy, what's she singing about that makes her so happy?" I took a deep breath to regain my composure so I could answer her without breaking out into tears. I explained that she was singing about some day she would go live in Heaven where Jesus lives. And thinking about living where Jesus is, makes her happy.

Satisfied with that answer, she cheerfully replied, "Oh, OK!" I was still sitting up in the front seat trying to process how her little nature had realized the expression / anointing of Priscilla's voice. After I was past the shock of the conversation we'd just had, the thought ran through my mind, "Baby Girl, if you thought she was happy on that song, you should hear her now! I would give anything if I could!"

More Videos

Here are two videos that have no embedding capabilities, because they belong to another website. However, I am going to link them here and hope that you go take a listen. The one video of "Stand on His Word" was posted earlier from a YouTube video, but doesn't have the story behind the song on it.

And much to everyone's great pleasure the other song, "We Have A Savior" is a reunion of the McGruder vocals including Stan Cook.

So here are the links:

"Stand on His Word"

"We Have a Savior"

A Friend of Jesus : by Charles Wilkerson

Henceforth, I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his Lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father, I have made known unto you.
John 15:15

Sis. Priscilla McGruder personified this verse for me. When she sang, it was not just a group of words wrapped in a melody. It was not just another “performance.” She sang and you felt like she was telling you about her closest and dearest friend. She displayed such a passion for souls that you could feel the Spirit moving as she would minister.

I’ve enjoyed many Southern Gospel concerts but when attending a McGruders “sing” I felt it was less a concert and truly a worship service. My lasting hope is Sis. Priscilla’s way of ministering will spread to a new generation of singers, so we can experience the divine moving of the Spirit down here until we can see her again and shout all over Heaven with her.

A Tribute - by John Hartley

The day I heard that Ms. Priscilla had passed all I could think about was what her entrance to Heaven must have been like. I was 15 when I first heard this most anointed singer perform and literally have played their music daily, I'm 35 now.

After I married, doctors told my wife and I we really had no chance for children (we were devastated), but many prayers went up for us, but there was someone else I wanted to ask for prayer from, so I called "The Lady" could feel the anointing over the phone lines as we talked about our situation, her and Bro. McGruder prayed for us and a few months later the Lord blessed us with twins, the McGruders called themselves their Godparents at this concert.

Without a doubt she was the most anointed person I ever met and I miss her daily, but "I'M GOING HOME WITH JESUS" for our "GREAT HOMECOMING". We Love You Ms. the way, my 3 year olds sing these songs and I even have one that does all the anointed woooooooos like she did in these songs. Here is our picture with them.

John, Kim, Julia-Ann, Kaytlen-Mae

"He's Coming, People"

Sis. McGruder just had a way about her. She could sing about the coming of the Lord with such passion. It wasn't just another song to sing, it was something that you didn't have a doubt she believed was going to happen. Although it hasn't been heard about very often in previous writings regarding the McGruders, there were a few songs that she sang about about the Rapture and the coming of the Lord that I want to take particular note of. These are just a very few of many songs that I feel haven't gotten their due. Of course, "See Those Clouds" was a very popular song, but later, she sang a song called, "Certain Feeling" that I really love. That one was also was recorded live and she did a superb job on it. Then there was the song that was just played on the video - "Just a Few More Days."

Most recently on their newest album, "By the Book" has a song called "Fast Ride Home" on it. You have to hear this song. This CD didn't have the opportunity to get as much publicity before she had to slow down.

I won't take the opportunity to discuss every song on the CD, but "Heaven Too" is a wonderful song. That song can be heard on the McGruder's MySpace page. "Heaven Too" and "Fast Ride Home" are good enough reasons to have the CD for, but there is plenty more wonderful stuff on it. My 3 year old's favorite song is "In the Middle of My Praise."

Although, I love all the songs on this CD, one song really jumps out and claims the prize as favorite to me. It's the song "Grace For the Race." The emotion in her voice as she sings is captivating. It's almost a given that she's singing this song for herself as much as anyone else. I'm not sure what stage in her battle she was at when she recorded this, but oh, how it applies to her. In my mind it is right up there at "Heaven's Point of View." If you were a fan of that song, I assure you, you'll love "Grace For the Race".......

"Grace for the race, is the kind of help I'm needing. A strong hand of Mercy is the one I want leading. I can finish my course and I can keep the faith, as long as God gives me Grace for the Race." - Carroll McGruder / Rick Hargrove

A Tribute To Priscilla McGruder - by Sony Elise

I received this tribute from Sony Elise. She has a blog of her own called Southern Gospel World and is also a contributing writer for the Southern Gospel Blog. This is a direct link to an article she posted on April 30th - the day after Priscilla's death. According to her credits on Southern Gospel Blog, Sony is an avid southern gospel fan who has been following the music for over 20 years. She works for Wisdom’s Gate, a Christian book and periodical publisher. She also writes a regular column for An Encouraging Word, a national ladies’ magazine.


On Thursday, April 29, Priscilla McGruder made her grand entrance into Heaven. As I prayed for the family in the days leading up to her Homegoing, I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact she’s made on people’s lives. I never had the blessing of meeting her in person but, as I watch videos of her dancing and singing, even after being diagnosed with cancer, the presence of God comes through and I am reminded of His power and of the miracle she’s been. When the doctors gave her a short time to live years ago, God overrode their prognosis and gave us a few more years with her. I praise Him for that.

As I look at Priscilla, I see a lady who enjoyed her life on earth but who was ready to go Home whenever her Master called her. I’ve heard her described as classy, anointed, and full of the Spirit.

She is now one of the special who has made it Home, looking upon the Master that she faithfully served. Humanly, it seems like she could have done so much more had she lived longer but God doesn’t make mistakes. He has a plan we may not see but one which will better fulfill His purposes. I miss her but I wouldn’t wish her back for the world. “Jasper walls, gates of pearl, rejoicing around the Throne. We call it special. The special call it Home!”

Please continue to keep Carroll and the rest of the McGruder family in your prayers.

This article is used by permission from Sony.

A Personal Note

I am currently working as fast as I can to get this site up and running to my intended desire. Until some of the "details" are worked out, I'll try to get as much ground covered here as possible.

I have some requests out to publish written tributes here....hopefully that will start happening sometime next week. HOPEFULLY! Until that happens, I decided I would post my own thoughts regarding Priscilla.

This tribute was written and posted on my personal blog the morning after she passed away. My heart was so heavy with grief. That morning sleep evaded me, so I sat in the dark at 5 a.m. in the morning - to keep from waking my family, typing all of this out on my iPhone. Some moments I'd smile at the memory and then once again be overtaken with the tears that just wouldn't go away.

Since I refer to it in my post, I'll post the video of just one of my favorite songs. After you see her sing it and her remarks during the song, you'll know of what I refer to in my post.

Farewell "Lady"

The First Lady of the McGruders, Priscilla passed away yesterday. Her nickname was "Lady," hence the name of the post.

It has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life having her as a hero. I think she had one of the most beautful spirits of any human being I ever met. Just the glow of her face and her smile when she talked just made you feel special. It didn't matter who you may be, she was always full of kind words and humility. I met her many times during my teenage years.

As heartsick as I am over her death, I can't help but think how wonderful it must be for her to have crossed 'Jordan's tide' and to have finally made it over. On the last video clip I posted of them singing, in the middle of that song ( which is technically named "Jordan's Tide" on the original CD), her insertion of 'What a Lovely Day!' just slightly overwhelms me now.

When I think about the countless songs she sang regarding Heaven, and the energy and excitement she sang them with, if she was 3/4 as excited yesterday when she heard 'that big gate click behind her,' I'm sure it was a celebration that I regret I missed. She described her final destination in one song like this - 'Mansions of splendor, high walls and gates open wide; no more to sorrow, these tears He will dry from my eyes. It's a story-book ending where none of my dreams fall apart!'.

For the ones who know nothing about the McGruders, everything in quotes is something that is present somewhere in recorded form on one CD or another.

I will miss her terribly but at least we live with the hope of Heaven. It's weird - my heart hurts over her death, but I almost feel bad feeling sad because she has fought sickness and suffered so much - yesterday the tears of pain for her were all wiped away and yesterday all of her strength was renewed. She has finally caught a glimpse of the Master. I'm sure every day of suffering was worth that moment for her.

So, Farewell 'Lady' / Priscilla. The memory of you will be one that I treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you for your dedication to deliver your message of hope and of Christ with the anointing I have yet to rediscover in another.

Zion Music Group

All music recorded by the McGruders as well as the book written by Priscilla along with Judith Bentley may be purchased from Zion Music Group.

This company is owned by the producer of their music, Kevin McManus. I have mentioned his wife Beverly in a previous post. If you don't have McGruder music or haven't read Priscilla's book, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible. I assure you, you will be beyond blessed. Priscilla's book was written after her first bout of cancer and has many details of that fight along with some of her personal thoughts during that battle. It's very inspiring and draws you into a personal realm of her life that is not commonly shared. That book is called, "I've Just Started Living" coming from a song written by Carroll McGruder years ago.

Click here on Zion Music and it will take you directly to a page to purchase as much McGruder stuff as you would want.

Want to Post a Memory?

I'm not sure that you'll see the little note I posted above the real "posts." Just in case you don't see it, or don't really understand, this site is for us - the McGruder fans.

I would love to post your memories of Priscilla McGruder in post / tribute form. I would also love to post some pictures of her that may be available. I haven't used anything other than the picture found at the website of her church until I received permission to do so.

If you have fan photos, and don't mind posting them, please send them to ""

I would love as much cooperation in this project as their fans can possibly offer.

I'm interested in hearing your stories and your thoughts regarding Priscilla. I would love to hear how their songs have inspired you and how their lives have impacted yours.

Thanks so much for taking a look around the site.

Video Memories

This is a video collection from "In Motion"

Other Tributes

Because of copyright issues, etc....I will be unable to publish articles already printed regarding Priscilla. However, I will provide you with as many links as I can possibly come up with that offer a tribute to her or have information concerning her life.

Here are a few that I have saved in my bookmark section that have offered kind words. In addition to these, the Singing News magazine (July edition) also had two pages dedicated to her. I am also unable to reproduce those comments, but there were kind words to be offered from several off her peers. The comments come from a list such as Gerald Wolfe, Chris White, Karen Peck Gooch, Tony and Taranda Greene, and so on.....

I think that the Christian Voice also has an article in their July issue as well honoring her.

For the links, I will write the name of the publishing writer and include the link. All you have to do is click on the write and it will take you directly to the publishing.

Facebook - People Praying for Carroll and Priscilla McGruder

McGruders MySpace (you may take a look at the blog list to see the press release from Zion)

Kelly Nelon Clark (very sweet tribute)

Absolutely Gospel Music (tribute by James Hales and Beverly McManus)

John Lanier's Journal (this includes a wonderful video not seen on YouTube - I hope to later embed it on this site)

Southern Gospel World

Grand Old Gospel Reunion

The Daily Dunklin Democrat

Video Memories

This is a video collection from "Come Fly With The McGruders"

The Inspiration

If you could see the bookmark section of my computer, it is overloaded with links that I want to keep so that I can go back and recall the memories of Priscilla McGruder. There are YouTube videos, blog posts, tributes from Beverly McManus, and every other detail you can think of.

I became a fan of the McGruders at the ripe old age of 13. I had heard them on the radio from time to time, but pretty much knew nothing about them. I enjoyed Southern Gospel music, but I wasn't really "into" it, otherwise.

My dad began pastoring a church in southern Georgia and one day after eating with some of our friends, the lady who was the host that day decided to put in one of her Southern Gospel videos. Other than attending a Bishops and Greater Vision concert, I had never really seen any other concerts at that time. From the assortment of videos she had, I chose "Come Fly with the McGruders." From the first song, I was hooked. I took it hook, line, and sinker. That night as I tried to sleep, I couldn't get what I saw out of my head.

It wasn't like that was new to me, because I've been raised in a foot-stomping, Pentecostal church my entire life. It wasn't that the worship style was new. But between Priscilla's voice and the rest of the band, I was just completely taken by it. I had always had a deep appreciation for lower powerful voices. While I enjoy the blend of certain sopranos, I personally preferred lower altos. I was just captivated by Priscilla's voice. Now I know it was more than the voice. It was the Power behind the voice.

That was a little over 17 years ago. After that night of seeing "Come Fly" I became an avid fan of the McGruders. Since that time I've collected every album ever recorded by them - that I'm aware of. I have some of the earlier cassettes before their thrust into the mainstream of Southern Gospel that included my dad's favorite song called "Don't Leave Me Like A Ship." I have also attended as many concerts of theirs as I possibly could. I really don't think I could count them all up......

When I was a young teenager, I completely wore out my turquoise t-shirt with hot pink letters that read, "I'm a McGruder Rooter!" Everyone who knew me knew that I thought Priscilla McGruder helped God hang the moon. I loved her dearly.

I never knew her other than the concerts I attended. I have written a comment on John Lanier's post honoring Priscilla, that she always had such a way about her that made you feel so special. This was part of my comment to John, "Every time I saw her, whether in passing before a concert or at the table, she always hugged me as though we were old friends and made me feel like I owned the world. Her kindness and her warm spirit just made her influence stronger in my life each and every time. There was never a doubt in my mind about how genuine she was. She was definitely the REAL DEAL!"

So, to express my appreciation and love for Priscilla McGruder and to bring together the collection of memories of her success, I have started this site for those who love her as much as I do. Instead of constantly filtering through my bookmark section of websites, I will attempt to bring them together for the fans of the McGruders.

I also want to make sure that I express my appreciation to Bro. Carroll McGruder as well for writing the songs for her to sing. Their teamwork and ministry has impacted my life in ways that words are insufficient to express.