Remembering Priscilla McGruder

Remembering Priscilla McGruder

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A Tribute To Priscilla McGruder - by Sony Elise

I received this tribute from Sony Elise. She has a blog of her own called Southern Gospel World and is also a contributing writer for the Southern Gospel Blog. This is a direct link to an article she posted on April 30th - the day after Priscilla's death. According to her credits on Southern Gospel Blog, Sony is an avid southern gospel fan who has been following the music for over 20 years. She works for Wisdom’s Gate, a Christian book and periodical publisher. She also writes a regular column for An Encouraging Word, a national ladies’ magazine.


On Thursday, April 29, Priscilla McGruder made her grand entrance into Heaven. As I prayed for the family in the days leading up to her Homegoing, I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact she’s made on people’s lives. I never had the blessing of meeting her in person but, as I watch videos of her dancing and singing, even after being diagnosed with cancer, the presence of God comes through and I am reminded of His power and of the miracle she’s been. When the doctors gave her a short time to live years ago, God overrode their prognosis and gave us a few more years with her. I praise Him for that.

As I look at Priscilla, I see a lady who enjoyed her life on earth but who was ready to go Home whenever her Master called her. I’ve heard her described as classy, anointed, and full of the Spirit.

She is now one of the special who has made it Home, looking upon the Master that she faithfully served. Humanly, it seems like she could have done so much more had she lived longer but God doesn’t make mistakes. He has a plan we may not see but one which will better fulfill His purposes. I miss her but I wouldn’t wish her back for the world. “Jasper walls, gates of pearl, rejoicing around the Throne. We call it special. The special call it Home!”

Please continue to keep Carroll and the rest of the McGruder family in your prayers.

This article is used by permission from Sony.

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Anita said...

Thanks so much Sony. Beautifully written and so very sweet.

Thanks again!