Remembering Priscilla McGruder

Remembering Priscilla McGruder

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I Can Go to the Master

Last night during our Sunday night service I was taken back in time to a few memories that I have in my mind. A couple that I have grown up around surprisingly showed up at our service and the lady was asked to sing. (I didn't ask permission to publish her name, so I won't put her name out on the internet) Much to my surprise and delight, she began the lines....."When there's no place to go, and you think no one knows what you're going through.....when you've done all you can, and you're exhausted my friend.....and there's nothing else left you can do.....when life overwhelms you, or someone betrays you, you feel like nobody cares.....There's still one place I know, when there's NO place to go.....I can go to the Master in prayer!"

Had I not known what an anointed and powerful singer this particular lady was, I would probably have begun to get a little panicky about someone damaging the sacredness of this particular song in my "world." However, I was not disappointed in the least. She began to sing these lyrics with THE power that I recall from "The Lady" and once again I was taken back to the time where these words became so real to me, individually.

I can recall driving back and forth home from a University hospital down south where I pulled the night shift as a nurse on the Pediatric oncology floor. I'd slide in the "Come Fly" CD listening to Priscilla sing"....when pain won't release me and there's no peace within me and I'm feeling like life isn't fair......when I've turned and I've tossed and my night's sleep is lost......I can go to the Master in prayer." I could feel the tears begin to threaten me as I listened to these lyrics. This was where my struggle was.

I spent many nights sitting on the bedside of critically ill children, attempting to console them in their pain and stroking their heads, pleading with God to allow them some peace in the night. I must be honest, more than once I wrestled with God over the feeling that life wasn't fair. Somehow, even through the emotions I would sometimes reel from dealing with these children, this song always gave me peace. I took great comfort each time I listened to it.

Needless to say, those memories were from a decade ago. Now, there are different issues to deal with - since there's been lots of changes in the past decade. There are still events that attempt to steal my sleep, but this song still offers peace to me. Last night, listening to it all over again, reminded me how special this song really is. And it truly is ageless. The situations of which it speaks, never change. Every person, regardless of their status in life, experience most of the details of which the song speaks.....yet through it all, the Master always has "time for you, and place for me, too" What a privilege - the ability to "go to the Master."

On a side note: If you'll look down the photos on the right side bar, there is a picture of Priscilla with her arm outstretched - she's wearing the hot pink outfit. She's actually singing "I Can Go to the Master" in this picture. She's on the line, "when I've turned and I've tossed..."


Leslie Lim said...

Nice post. I enjoy reading your article. I found new ideas and very good information. I will come back for the next post. Thank you.


Rose Fairweather said...

I never heard their music till a month ago. They were awesome people. They left a legacy. Makes one realize that indeed, only whats done for Christ will last". The music is blessing me out on the foreign mission field. Praise be to God for these wonderful Christian warriors,